RBC Global Government Bond (CAD Hedged) Index ETF

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Investment Objective

RBC Global Government Bond (CAD Hedged) Index ETF seeks to replicate, to the extent possible and before fees and expenses, the performance of a broad world government bond index that is hedged to Canadian dollars. Currently, the ETF seeks to track the FTSE World Government Bond Index (Currency-Hedged in CAD).

Fund Information

Ticker Symbol: RGGB
Exchange: Aequitas NEO Exchange
Assets ($mm): 28.90
Units Outstanding: 1,450,000
Mgmt. Fee**: 0.35
2017 MER*: 0.40
CUSIP: 75525R108
Income Distribution: Monthly
Capital Gains Distribution: Quarterly
Index: FTSE World Government Bond Index (Currency Hedged in CAD)
Inception Date: Sep, 2017
Registered Account Eligibility: RRSPs, RRIFs, RESPs, DPSPs and TFSAs


Fund Market Price
(as of June 19, 2018)
Closing Price 19.95
Change ($) 0.03
Change (%) 0.15
Market 52 Week High 20.23
Market 52 Week Low 19.67
Volume 52,777
Fund Net Asset Value
(as of June 19, 2018)
NAV Price 19.93
Change ($) 0.03
Change (%) 0.13
NAV per Share 52 Week High 20.11
NAV per Share 52 Week Low 19.75

Performance Analysis

(as of May 31, 2018) 1
  YTD 1Mo 3Mo 6Mo 1Yr 3Yr 5Yr Since Incep

Portfolio Analysis

 (as of June 19, 2018)
 Portfolio Characteristics (as of June 19, 2018)
Weighted Average Credit Rating AA-
Weighted Average Yield to Maturity (%)*
Weighted Average Current Yield (%)*
Weighted Average Coupon (%)* 2.03
Par Value per Unit
Weighted Average Duration 7.76
*Gross Of MER

Credit Ratings Distribution/Breakdown
(as of May 31, 2018)

Geographic Breakdown
(as of May 31, 2018)

Sector Breakdown
(as of May 31, 2018)

Underlying Holdings  (as of June 19, 2018) % Assets
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 1.3% 2020/03/20 1.5
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 2.1% 2027/12/20 1.3
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 0.5% 2036/09/20 1.3
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 0.7% 2037/03/20 1.2
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 0.1% 2027/06/20 1.2
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 0.1% 2022/06/20 1.2
UNITED STATES TREASURY 1.5% 2020/08/15 1.1
UNITED STATES TREASURY 2% 2024/04/30 1.1
JAPAN GOVERNMENT 1.7% 2033/06/20 1.1
UNITED STATES TREASURY 2% 2021/12/31 0.9
Top Holdings (% of Portfolio) 11.9%
Total Number of Holdings 462

Distributions & Tax Information

Distributions for Year: 2018
Choose distribution year:
Distr. Period Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Pay Date Cash Distr. Per Unit Re-invested Distr. Per Unit Total Distr. Per Unit††
Jan, 2018 01/24/2018 01/25/2018 01/31/2018 0.016 0.016
Feb, 2018 02/21/2018 02/22/2018 02/28/2018 0.017 0.017
Mar, 2018 03/22/2018 03/23/2018 03/29/2018 0.021 0.021
Apr, 2018 04/22/2018 04/23/2018 04/30/2018 0.021 0.021
May, 2018 05/23/2018 05/24/2018 05/31/2018 0.020 0.020
Jun, 2018 06/22/2018 06/25/2018 06/29/2018 0.021 0.021
Year to Date   0.116 0.116


Securities regulations do not allow us to report performance for an exchange-traded fund that has been available for less than one year. This fund was launched September 21, 2017.

Securities regulations do not allow us to report performance, including yield, for an exchange-traded fund that has been available for less than one year.

† Distributions by the RBC ETF that are not paid in cash but result in additional units of the RBC ETF. These distributions should be accounted for by investors for tax purposes by adding the distribution amount to the adjusted cost base of the units held.

†† The exact tax treatment of the distributions for a calendar year is calculated after the RBC ETF's tax year-end. As a result, investors will receive an official tax statement from their broker detailing the type of income they have to report for tax purposes for the entire year and not for each distribution.

Commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investments in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Please read the prospectus or Fund Facts document before investing. ETFs are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. ETF units are bought and sold at market price on a stock exchange and brokerage commissions will reduce returns. RBC ETFs do not seek to return any predetermined amount at maturity. Index returns do not represent RBC ETF returns. RBC ETFs are managed by RBC Global Asset Management Inc., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. The indicated rates of return are the historical total returns for the periods including changes in unit value and reinvestment of all distributions and do not take into account sales, redemption, commission charges or income taxes payable by any unitholder that would have reduced returns.